Jesse Roffel

Hoi! I'm Jesse Roffel, a Gameplay Programmer.

Currently working at Massive Entertainment - A Ubisoft studio!

I write performant, easy to read and self-describing code. I enjoy working on engaging gameplay systems that bring joy to the player while learning from the best around me.

Work Experience

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Working at Massive Entertaiment - A Ubisoft Studio as a Gameplay Programmer on Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.


Gameplay Programmer


Massive Entertainment


December 7 2023

Age of Wonders 4

Internship at Triumph Studios as a Gameplay Programmer. I was responsible for implementing new gameplay systems, interfaces, and features written in both C++, C#, and XAML.


Intern Gameplay Programmer


Triumph Studios


September 2020 - June 2021


Implementing gameplay systems, porting and creating user interfaces, and assisting with game architecture.


Student Projects

Spellbound Spire

VR Room-scale Movement project, which was released after 32 weeks on Steam. Using non-Euclidean spaces to traverse through all levels and puzzles linearly.


February 2020 - June 2020


Tools Programmer, Gameplay Programmer


Editor Tools, Gameplay features, continuous build pipeline, and quality assurance.


Tomorrow Engine

The Tomorrow Engine is a custom cross-platform C++ turn-based strategy engine with the focus on implementing deterministic card games with flexible gameplay scripting using Lua.


September 2018 - July 2019 (24 weeks)


Engine Programmer, Gameplay Programmer, Network Programmer


Lua Scripting, Online Crossplay Multiplayer, Event/HTTP/UI handling with PS4 Support.


More Projects

There are more projects I have worked on, ranging from game jams to self-study endeavors.

Visit my GitHub for my open-source projects or check the chronological Timeline containing all projects I have worked on.

Programming Languages

On a daily basis, I have been using C++ professionally to develop games, with a lot of C# experience to create side programs. I am, however, aiming to grow into other newer languages, such as Rust, to broaden my programming experience.

C++ 11 to 17

C# 4 to 7

Other Languages

There are some other programming and scripting languages I have picked that I don't use professionally but still like using.


Lua Scripting


Targeted Platforms

As a programmer, I have written code to be multiplatform, and I have utilized SDKs to debug and profile performance.


PlayStation 4/5

Xbox Series X

Steam VR

Oculus Rift S

HTC Vive

Raspberry Pi

Windows Phone

Samsung Gear VR

Soft Skills


To be an effective communicator, I ensure that what I say is professional, inclusive, and well received by others. I strive to be an approachable and reliable team member.

Eager to Learn

Every project has many opportunities to learn something new, and thus I am always curious to learn something new from the project itself or from the talented people around me.


I want to be a colleague others can rely on, always being willing to receive and give feedback. Thus, I endorse peer programming, code reviews, and discussions to make everything just a bit better.

Feedback driven

I see constructive feedback as valuable information for becoming better as a professional. To grow as one, I frequently seek feedback on my deliverables and collaboration quality for others.


Dealing with blocks or setbacks requires a healthy amount of dedication and the willingness to not give up. Where logical, I will strive to find a solution or raise awareness of a problem with the team.

Development Tools

Alongside developing games, I have made use of a bunch of industry-standard software to help with the creation of a project.

Visual Studio


Unreal Engine



Atlassian Jira

Noesis GUI




About me

Starting with scripting in games when I was fourteen, I loved to create experiences for friends and later for increased audiences. After gaining some experience in web/app development, I switched towards gameplay programming.

Now I am a gameplay programmer with a range of programming skills and game-development experiences that I have gained while working on a range of games together with multi-disciplinary teams and on my own.

During projects, I implemented game features in collaboration with team members, created development tools, and extended game architecture pipelines with a focus on maintainable and self-explaining code.

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