Game Programmer

Hoi! I'm Jesse Roffel, a Game Programmer.

Currently looking for a internship as a Gameplay Programmer starting from September 2020.

I am interested in writing engaging gameplay features, helping with pipelines and I would like to grow towards engine programming.


Tomorrow Engine

The Tomorrow Engine is a custom cross platform C++ turn based stratergy engine with the focus on implementing deterministic card games with flexible gameplay scripting using Lua.

Project Information


4 Months (Engine) + 2 Months (Game)

Team Size:

11 Programmers, 5 Designers, 8 Artists and 1 Producer


Lua Scripting, Online Crossplay Multiplayer, Event/HTTP/UI handling with PS4 Support.



[TBA] Spellbound Spire

This project is a 32 week long VR project produced in Unity with non-Euclidean spaces and only room-scale movement currently in development.

Project Information


February 2020 - Ongoing

Team Size:

14 Designers, 6 Programmers, 5 Artists and 1 Producer


Editor Tools, gameplay features, continuous build pipeline and quality assurance.




All Projects

There are more porjects I have worked on, ranging from game-development as a student, self-development web-development and game-jams. More projects are listed in chronological order with often downloadable or viewable content.

Programming Languages

Modern C++ 11 to 17

3 Years | 13 Projects

My preferred language for implementing game functionality, using STL datasets and algorithms. Ranging from developing gameplay features, pipelines, network code and engine parsing.

C# 4.0 to 7.0

4 Years | 10 Projects

For all projects using the Unity engine. Ranging from implementing gameplay/UI code, tools for designers within the editor and web request behaviour.


4 Years | 7 Projects

Using web-development skills I have build up over the years I have created tool functionality to aid the projects and made websites such as this one.

Lua Scripting

6 Years | 3 Projects

Mainly used by me when I started with scripting when I was 14. The embedded nature of language made me use it for gameplay scripting in engines I have worked on.


2 Years | 5 Projects

Mainly used to create web-end server functionality to give the game more flavour such as leaderboards, data gathering and getting/parsing database data.

Soft Skills


Within or for a team I ensure that my communication is on a level that is expected and ask and provide whenever this is would be required.

Eager to Learn

Every project has many oppertunities to learn something different or new about a subject you know. This is why I take any challenge to give myself new knowledge to use in a project.


When working in a team I want myself to be a person people can rely upon, always being open for feedback, questions or opinions to share on a professional or casual level depending on the situation.

Feedback driven

I can delivery what others want based on requests and expectations, but to really get the most value out of my work I ask frequently for feedback on my progress and experiences on my deliverables.


Dealing with blocks or setbacks requires a healhty amount of dedication and willing to not give up. I always try to find a solution to a problem by doing research and proper debugging.

Development Tools

Unreal Engine

3 Years | 5 Projects

Unity 3D Engine

4 Years | 9 Projects

Visual Studio

6 Years | 25+ Projects


3 Years | 12 Projects


3 Years | 21 Projects

Atlassian Jira

2 Years | 5 Projects


3 Months | 2 Projects


3 Months | 2 Projects


Learning | 1 Project

Target Platforms

Windows 10

5 Years | 25+ Projects

Oculus Rift S/DK2

5 Months | 2 Projects

Playstation 4

4 Months | 1 Project

Windows Phone

3 Months | 1 Project

Raspberry Pi

2 Months | 2 Projects

Steam VR

2 Months | 1 Project

HTC Vive

1 Month | 1 Project

Samsung Gear VR

1 Month | 1 Project

About me

Starting off with scripting in games when I was fourteen, I loved to create experiences for friends and later for increased audiences. After gaining some experience in web/app development I switched towards gameplay programming.

Now I am a Game programmer with a range of programming skills and game-development experiences that I have gained while working on a range of games together with a multi-disciplinary team and on my own.

During a project I have built frameworks, organized production pipelines, created development tools and with implemented game features with a focus on maintainable and modular code.

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