Game Programmer

Hoi! I'm Jesse Roffel, a Game Programmer.

Currently doing an internship at Triumph Studios and expect to graduate July 2021.

I am interested in writing engaging gameplay features, helping with pipelines and I would like to grow towards engine programming.


Tomorrow Engine

The Tomorrow Engine is a custom cross platform C++ turn based stratergy engine with the focus on implementing deterministic card games with flexible gameplay scripting using Lua.

Project Information


4 Months (Engine) + 2 Months (Game)

Team Size:

11 Programmers, 5 Designers, 8 Artists and 1 Producer


Lua Scripting, Online Crossplay Multiplayer, Event/HTTP/UI handling with PS4 Support.



Spellbound Spire

VR Room-scale movement project which released after 32 weeks on Steam. Using non-Euclidean spaces to traversal through all levels and puzzles linearly.

Project Information


February 2020 - June 2020

Team Size:

14 Designers, 6 Programmers, 5 Artists and 1 Producer


Editor Tools, gameplay features, continuous build pipeline and quality assurance.




Latest Personal Projects

Unreal Maze Generator

Side project targeted towards implementing maze generation algorithms. The goal is to create an small editor plugin that can be configured to generate maze like structures by setting the desired algorithm method, cell arrangement and generation traversal visualisations.

Winsock2 Chatbox

The goal of this project is to get a better understand of networking topics such as sockets, packets, Winsock2 implementation and memory allocation by implementing a basic P2P chatbox using sockets to connect to the other client.

All Projects

There are more projects I have worked on, ranging from game-development as a student, self-development web-development and game-jams. Visit my GitHub for code samples and open-source projects or view more projects on my website that are listed in chronological accompanied with media and executables.

Programming Languages

Modern C++ 11 to 17

3 Years | 13 Projects

My preferred language for implementing game functionality, using STL datasets and algorithms. Ranging from developing gameplay features, pipelines, network code and engine parsing.

C# 4.0 to 7.0

4 Years | 10 Projects

For all projects using the Unity engine. Ranging from implementing gameplay/UI code, tools for designers within the editor and web request behaviour.


4 Years | 7 Projects

Using web-development skills I have build up over the years I have created tool functionality to aid the projects and made websites such as this one.

Lua Scripting

6 Years | 3 Projects

Mainly used by me when I started with scripting when I was 14. The embedded nature of language made me use it for gameplay scripting in engines I have worked on.


2 Years | 5 Projects

Mainly used to create web-end server functionality to give the game more flavour such as leaderboards, data gathering and getting/parsing database data.

Soft Skills


Within or for a team I ensure that my communication is on a level that is expected and ask and provide whenever this is would be required.

Eager to Learn

Every project has many oppertunities to learn something different or new about a subject you know. This is why I take any challenge to give myself new knowledge to use in a project.


When working in a team I want myself to be a person people can rely upon, always being open for feedback, questions or opinions to share on a professional or casual level depending on the situation.

Feedback driven

I can delivery what others want based on requests and expectations, but to really get the most value out of my work I ask frequently for feedback on my progress and experiences on my deliverables.


Dealing with blocks or setbacks requires a healhty amount of dedication and willing to not give up. I always try to find a solution to a problem by doing research and proper debugging.

Development Tools

Unity 3D Engine

4 Years | 9 Projects

Unreal Engine

3 Years | 6 Projects

Visual Studio

6 Years | 25+ Projects


3 Years | 12 Projects


3 Years | 10 Projects

Atlassian Jira

2 Years | 4 Projects


5 Months | 3 Projects


3 Months | 2 Projects

CMake / Premake

Learning | 1 Project

Target Platforms

Windows 10

5 Years | 15+ Projects

Oculus Rift S/DK2

5 Months | 2 Projects

Playstation 4

4 Months | 1 Project

Windows Phone

3 Months | 1 Project

Raspberry Pi

2 Months | 2 Projects

Steam VR

2 Months | 1 Project

HTC Vive

1 Month | 1 Project

Samsung Gear VR

1 Month | 1 Project

About me

Starting off with scripting in games when I was fourteen, I loved to create experiences for friends and later for increased audiences. After gaining some experience in web/app development I switched towards gameplay programming.

Now I am a Game programmer with a range of programming skills and game-development experiences that I have gained while working on a range of games together with a multi-disciplinary team and on my own.

During a project I have built frameworks, organized production pipelines, created development tools and with implemented game features with a focus on maintainable and self explaining code.

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