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Project Timeline

Internship Triumph Studios

September 2020 - June 2021

Internship at Triumph Studios as a C++ Gameplay Programmer Intern. I was responsible for implementing new gameplay systems, interfaces, and features within the in-house custom engine.

Spellbound Spire

February 2020 - June 2020

VR Room-scale movement project which was released after 32 weeks on Steam. Using non-Euclidean spaces to traversal through all levels and puzzles linearly.

Global Game Jam 2020 - Ducktrain Boogaloo

31 January 2020 - 2 February 2020

Based on Unrailed and with the theme 'Repair', Ducktrain boogaloo is a 1 vs 1 racing game where you collect items to repair the train at each checkpoint through quick-time events. Made in Unreal.

Winsock2 - P2P Chatbox

October 2019

Small side project aimed to get a better understanding of how (Win)sockets work. As a challenge, I wanted to implement a Peer-to-Peer chatbox without using a server.


September 2019 - January 2020

'Skye' is an open-world exploration game in which you are a seaplane pilot in the Scottish Hebrides. You will be completing missions and dog fighting against enemy planes. Made in Unity.

Tomorrow Engine

February to July 2019

The Tomorrow Engine is a custom cross-platform C++ turn-based strategy engine with a focus on implementing deterministic card games. Handling scripting implementation, PS4 support, Event/HTTP/UI handling, and cross-platform multiplayer.

FoldOne - GameJam

31/05/2019 - 02-06-2019

FoldOne is a GameJam project where you play as an origami geisha finding her way through folded levels. Some objects can be unfolded to be re-used as creative solutions to complete a level. Made in Unreal.

Delta Guide

January 2019

Delta Guide is an interactive Samsung Gear VR game made in Unreal where you use your head's orientation and onboard touchpad to guide the delta over an obstacle course. I learned to handle VR targeted towards mobile and created an interaction wheel.

Global Game Jam 2019 - Snowscape

25 to 27 January 2019

With the theme of 'home' this year we created a game where you control a small robot. Every time you complete small challenges, the cold environment changes more towards a warm one. I created interface objects for any activable object and a chainable activation effect. Made in Unreal.

Comic Crashers

December 2018

Comic crashers is an arcade shooter inspired by Worms with a 1950's futuristic style made in Unreal. You control one of four alien characters that want to control Earth's most valuable resource, coffee beans.

Lights Out

November 2018

Unreal Project with custom Arduino gyroscope controller to steer and rotate the UFO character that is being pushed forward with a custom trackball. The goal of this project was to create a game with a custom controller within three weeks.

Origam Kenobi

September/November 2018

A small 48-hour game jam project where I wanted to write C++ using the Unreal Engine. The game is a quick-paced action game where you have to knock off your opponent, featuring 'Dark Invader' and 'Master Yoga'.

Global Game Jam 2018 - Hambola

26 to 28 January

With Global Game Jam 2018 theme being "Infection", we made a small zombie hamster game where you have to infect other hamsters. I learned how to use Unreal Engine 4 during this game jam by making traps and activities using Blueprints.

Explosion Puzzle

December 2016 to January 2017

To enter the Breda University of Applied Science I had to create a C++ game with the theme 'Explosion'. With that, I did create a small game using OpenGL and SDL, where you have to shoot your character using 'directional' bombs towards the goal.

Interview Training Simulation

Feburary to July 2016

During my internship at Ordina, I created an interview training simulation where the interviewer would ask the person wearing a VR helmet questions about a possible software development job. Text to Speech, Speech to Text, API.AI, and Nuance Dragon handling code were written by me for a fast conversation.

Hero's Adventure

September/November 2016

Graduation Project during my time at the ROCA12. A small open-world game with RPG elements such as multiple combat styles, fighting small enemies, NPC's, quests system with the end objective: beating the boss. This project is a Unity 5.4.1 C# Game.

Marble Barble

December 2015

his game was made for a school project where we had to work with OpenGL 1.0 for the first time. With this game, I attempted to recreate 'Marble Blast' with my own adjustments. I did not attempt to create the game completely as I only had a few weeks to learn OpenGL and make this small game.

Shooting Fair

June 2016

One of my first Unity 3D games written in C#. In June of 2016, I wanted to get familiar with more popular game engines and created and was inspired by fun-fair games, and thus created a shooting range game where you compete for the best score.

Tiny School Projects

Between 2013 to 2015

A small range of basic games was developed that often focus on learning a certain aspect of C/C++ programming. These projects are all discontinued and often not in a finished state.

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