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[TBA] Skye

'Skye' is an open world exploration game in which you are a seaplane pilot in the Scottish Hebrides. You will be completing missions and dog fighting against enemy planes.


September 2019 - Ongoing Development

Team Size:

9 Programmers, 12 Designers, 8 Artists and 1 Producer




Tool & Gameplay Programmer, Build Pipeline (QA)




Unity DOTS, Visual Studio, Jenkins, Perforce, Steamworks.

Import Dialogue from Google Spreadsheets

Designers are working with Google Spreadsheets to manage the narritive and story our game. This is to make in-development collaboration faster and easier to have a bigger overview. All this data comes together in one big spreadsheet that contains names, links, narrative/motivation drafts and dialogue NPC's will say. Each dialogue is in it's own spreadsheet using a certain format.

I created a custom Unity menu item that allows anyone to synchronize the dialogue data from google spreadsheets to be re-imported into the Unity engine.

By requesting a new access token from Google API's Auth service I gain access to the development Google Spreadsheets, which I get each narrative document through web requests and parse the data to Scriptable Objects which are used for the conversations in-game.

Quest System Prototype

During the first eight weeks our project was in the concept phase, during this phase I experimented with implementing a small yet flexible quest system using scene objects inside the Unity Engine.

With Scriptable Objects it's possible to store data as raw assets that can act as containers for scripts to uses it's contents for any need. With this in mind I created specific Scriptable Objects to configure Quest behaviour.

The functionality of each object was done through Unity Events, using only a handful of scripts it was possible to create flexible quest tasks. Designers uses this prototype to create the first demo at the end of the prototype phase.

Gameplay Prototyping

During the first eight weeks the goal for our team was to find out what our core gameloop would be for our project. To figure out what would work, programmers, designers and artists would often collaborate to get the best results out of a small prototype.

In the span of those eight weeks I created multiple prototypes to prove their value as fun gameplay elements. Experimenting with extending Unity with in-engine tools, helping out with the plane customization research by creating a drag and drop system in a garage to upgrade the plane.

And a prototype in which the plane would spend points to upgrade their plane using a skill-tree to progress a certain focussed statistic of the plane.

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